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Beyond the Transaction: How Invisibility, Indispensability, and Intimacy are Redefining CX

The landscape of retail is experiencing seismic shifts, and the consumer sits squarely at the epicenter. A new report from EY sheds light on the demands of today's consumers and their implications for the future of retail.

❤ 54% of consumers believe the way they live their life has changed.

❤ 45% think the way they shop will improve in the coming years.

❤ 66% will be more focused on value for money in the future.

EY's Future Consumer Index highlights three core demands from consumers that guide the evolution of retail propositions:

  • invisibility,

  • indispensability

  • intimacy.

Invisibility - Retailers can simplify consumers' lives by delivering the desired products effortlessly and promptly at their convenience, streamlining transactions to such an extent that consumers barely register them.

Indispensability - By bundling products and services, retailers can contribute to enhancing consumers' lifestyles, addressing their comprehensive needs through a network of partners. Here, the transaction becomes an integral part of the broader service aimed at lifestyle betterment.

Intimacy - Retailers can enrich consumers' lives by offering experiences that deeply connect with their beliefs and values. Rather than prioritizing the transaction itself, the emphasis shifts to the provision of personally meaningful services.

Brands must deliver the right mix of invisibility, indispensability and intimacy to avoid becoming irrelevant, but it is not one size fits all. Read the full study



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