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Breaking Down the Numbers: What Consumers Really Want from Brands

Redpoint Global, a software provider, has released new research on brand loyalty and customer experience management. The survey, conducted by Dynata with over 1,000 US consumers, found that:

  • -74% of consumers feel that brand loyalty is about feeling understood and valued, rather than discounts and loyalty perks.

  • -64% of those polled would rather purchase a product from a brand that knows them, 34% would spend more money on a product to do so.

  • -32% are willing to overlook a single bad customer experience for those brands that are trying to understand them as a customer.

  • -52% said that the No. 1 way brands make customers feel understood is by offering relevant product and service recommendations

  • -65% of those polled stated that they love fewer than three brands - 9% claim not to “love” any brands at all.

Those are the outcomes of a Redpoint Global survey fully available here



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