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Creating Memorable Guest Experiences: The Philosophy Behind The Ritz-Carlton's Success

The Ritz-Carlton follows a set of Gold Standards to provide exceptional service and facilities for their guests. These standards include The Credo, Motto, Three Steps of Service, Service Values, the 6th Diamond, and the Employee Promise, which serve as the foundation for their philosophy and values.

  • The Credo emphasizes the genuine care and comfort of guests.

  • The Motto exemplifies the anticipatory service provided by staff members.

  • The Three Steps of Service include a warm and sincere greeting, using the guest's name, and fulfilling each guest's needs. The Service Values focus on creating unique, memorable experiences for guests while continuously seeking opportunities to innovate and improve.

  • The 6th Diamond, Mystique, represents emotional engagement and functional excellence.

  • The Employee Promise nurtures and maximizes talent to benefit both individuals and the company.

Read their full Manifesto



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