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Driving Digital: Understanding Consumer Behavior in Today's Dynamic Shopping Landscape

Akeneo in its annual endeavor to demystify the core drivers of present-day global shopping trends and the secrets to business success. The 2023 edition unveils unique insights on how organizations can prosper by elevating the product experience, with key revelations including:

  • A considerable 66% of consumers now spend more time researching and validating their purchases due to the current cost-of-living crisis.

  • More alarming, a hefty 63% would desert a trusted brand after a disappointing product information experience.

  • A striking 84% of consumers undertake thorough online research before purchasing offline,

  • whereas 77% investigate in-store but ultimately shop online. While digital experiences are pivotal, the comfort, adaptability, and frictionless service offered by physical channels are what customers crave.

  • A significant 2/3 of consumers would transition to being loyal patrons if brands leveraged technology to offer engaging shopping experiences. Harness the power of AI-enabled chatbots, virtual shopping aides, visual configurators, and product finders to captivate your customer base like never before.

  • A noteworthy 54% of consumers have returned products owing to misleading pre-purchase product information. Returns cause logistical difficulties, expensive shipping, and restocking charges for both consumers and brands. Discover how impeccable product information can drastically reduce returns, saving time and resources for all parties.

  • Approximately 58% of consumers have made purchases influenced by online influencers in the past year.

  • Moreover, 40% of customers are ready to pay extra for brands resonating with their principles. Unveil the craft of identifying and connecting with consumers sharing similar interests, fostering resilient bonds that endure even in volatile economic climates.

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