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Elevating Retail Customer Experience with Augmented Reality

Retailers are increasingly using augmented reality (AR) to enhance customer experiences, offering virtual try-on experiences, contactless shopping, virtual navigation, interactive displays, and virtual fitting rooms.

AR will become an essential tool for retailers over the next five years, but they must ensure that the AR experience provides real value and not just entertainment.

  • Two-thirds of customers are keen on leveraging augmented reality (AR) to aid their purchasing decisions

  • By 2025, almost three-quarters of the world's population and virtually all smartphone users will frequently use AR

  • According to a 2019 Nielsen survey, augmented and virtual reality are the leading technologies that consumers desire to assist them in their day-to-day activities

By bridging the physical and digital worlds, retailers are thoughtfully elevating customer experiences and unlocking new ways for consumers to interact with products. Read more here



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