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From Concept to Customer: How MetaHuman Animator is Enhancing the Customer Experience Journey

Have a look at this 7 minutes video on how MetaHuman Animator simplifies the creation of high-quality characters with realistic movements. Here some possible use cases for improving the customer experience, by using such technology:

  • Virtual customer support agents: Develop realistic virtual support agents to handle customer inquiries through video calls or chatbots, providing a more personalized and engaging customer experience

  • Interactive product demonstrations: Create lifelike characters that can showcase products and guide customers through their features and benefits, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Virtual assistants for online stores: Implement meta human characters as virtual shopping assistants on e-commerce platforms, guiding customers through product selections and offering tailored recommendations.

  • Customer service training: Use MetaHuman Animator to create realistic training scenarios and simulations for customer service representatives, improving their problem-solving and communication skills.

  • Troubleshooting and technical support: Develop virtual technicians who can visually guide customers through troubleshooting processes, demonstrating how to resolve common issues with products or services.

  • Virtual receptionists: Implement realistic virtual receptionists for businesses, providing customers with a warm and engaging first point of contact for scheduling appointments, answering questions, or directing them to appropriate resources.

  • Multilingual customer support: Create virtual customer support agents that can communicate in multiple languages, offering personalized assistance to customers around the world.

  • Virtual role-play scenarios: Utilize MetaHuman Animator to develop interactive role-play scenarios for customer service training, allowing trainees to practice handling difficult customer interactions and improving their empathy and conflict resolution skills.

  • Onboarding and product tutorials: Develop engaging onboarding experiences and product tutorials with realistic meta human characters, helping new customers become familiar with products or services more quickly.

  • Customer feedback collection: Use lifelike characters to collect customer feedback through interactive surveys or interviews, encouraging customers to provide valuable insights on their experiences and helping businesses improve their customer service.



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