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From Free Shipping to Phygital Shopping: 8 Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know

In 2022, customer experience has become a crucial aspect for brands due to the pandemic fatigue that customers are experiencing. However, not all industries prioritize customer experience equally.

According to the 2021 Statista Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, only 29.2% of organizations in the education sector worldwide view CX as a primary competitive differentiator, while in the financial and insurance services sector, 62% of respondents see CX as a primary competitive differentiator for their organizations.

In some industries, such as retail and wholesale, only 39.9% believe CX to be a primary differentiator, while in the manufacturing industry, 47.4% believe it to be so. Here eight customer experience statistics that Scott Clark recommends to have a look:

  1. Not All Industries Are Equal When It Comes to CX

  2. AI Is Predicted to Improve CX

  3. Customer Service Is Key to Exceptional CX

  4. Customers Want to Be Understood by Brands

  5. Hybrid Work Has Impacted CX

  6. Free Shipping and Promotions Drive Purchases

  7. Phygital Shopping Impacts CX

  8. Employee Experience Drives Customer Experience

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