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New Research Unveils Promising Sales Growth Potential in Contact Centers 

New research commissioned by Cresta reveals that contact centers are increasingly being used to drive sales and revenue, prompting sales leaders to rethink their operational strategies.

The study surveyed 300 sales and service-to-sales leaders from large enterprises to understand the operational shifts and their impact on customer service and sales teams.

The key findings indicate that while contact centers are being used for sales generation, there is still room for improvement. By leveraging advanced technology, such as real-time coaching and AI, contact centers can optimize sales agent performance and maximize revenue growth.

However, the study highlights that only 44% of organizations currently monitor customer conversations in real-time to provide agents with tips and suggestions. It also points out that although most organizations have sales playbooks, only 55% measure customer interactions against them.

The research suggests that adopting real-time coaching, utilizing sales playbooks effectively, and embracing AI can help organizations achieve more efficient and effective operations in their contact centers, ultimately unlocking revenue opportunities. Read the full report



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