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Revolutionizing Web3 Wallets: Coinbase's Latest Offering

Crypto Wallets have traditionally made it difficult for users to access and benefit from web3's potential due to their complex mnemonic seeds and counterintuitive UIs. Coinbase has launched Wallet as a Service, allowing companies to onboard their users to web3 with a seamless wallet experience.

With Coinbase Wallet as a Service, brands can offer their users wallets directly in their apps with onboarding as simple as a username and password.

Brands can better engage and serve their customers, by creating rich, immersive experiences and providing personalized shopping and on-chain loyalty programs. Brands can create new revenue streams, strengthen user engagement, and encourage reward redemption across participating businesses.

Companies like Floor, Moonray PBC Thirdweb tokenproof are already building with Coinbase WaaS to onboard users to web3 experiences across gaming, token-gated events, and digital marketplaces.

With Wallet as a Service, companies can finally build web3 experiences accessible to everyone regardless of technical knowledge. Read more here



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