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The Connection Between Emotional Intelligence and Remote Work: A Recipe for Better CX

A Forbes Insight-Salesforce study revealed that companies focusing on employee experience (EX) to deliver a superior customer experience (CX) achieve 1.8 times faster revenue growth. A West Monroe survey showed that 50% of CX professionals believe a motivated workforce with positive EX is crucial for improving CX. A Gallup report found that companies with high engagement and positive EX are 21% more profitable than those with low EX.

Sandra Thompson explores the levels of Emotional Intelligence found in remote work and argues that the combination of these two skill areas could make Customer Experiences better for staff delivering them and the customers immersed in them.

Drawing on personal experience, academic theory, and describing some new ideas on how to create meaningful emotional connections between colleagues and with customers, in this TEDx talks Sandra explains how all of this thinking started with a new fridge freezer!

I couldn't find many scientific researches supporting her view, but I consider an interesting one. Especially if you think about how AI will change the way brands will deliver customer service

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