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The Perfect Pinch of Salt in the Customer Experience Recipe

During a recent visit to #Sorrento , the place where I grew up, I had lunch with my parents at Hotel Bellevue Syrene.

The setting? Directly on the sea. The terrace offered a straightforward, unpretentious view of the Gulf of Naples, seamlessly blending sea and sky. Such a location sets high expectations – not only for the food but also for the staff. And they didn't disappoint.

However, what stood out wasn't just the delightful dishes or the proficient service. What truly made an impression was an unexpected touch of human consideration.

After our meal, as we prepared to continue our day, the valet returned with our little Fiat 500. Without making a big fuss about it, he mentioned, in passing, that he had switched on the air conditioning a little earlier, considering it might be more comfortable for my parents.

This small gesture, to me, was more than just an act of service; it was an emblem of human connection, an authentic touch in a commercial setting. A gesture as simple yet impactful as adding just the right amount of salt to a dish. Not too much, not too little, but just enough to enhance its essence.

In our increasingly digital age, it's these genuine human experiences that stand out. We can, and should, leverage technology to enhance customer experience, but let's remember the value of the simple, meaningful gestures.

They remind us that behind every service, every product, there are people – and it's the human touch that can transform a typical experience into something memorable.



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