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The Power of People: How One Train Conductor Made a Lasting Impression on Customers

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It's the train conductor speaking. I wish to inform you that in four stops, my career ends. After 34 years of work, I will retire. I have been honored to serve, you, the community and the company and I have always tried to do my best. I wish that your dreams come true and your worries disappear. I wish you a good life".

This is the announcement made few weeks ago by Mr Venditti, a train conductor of Circumvesuviana - a regional train company of Naples area, in Italy. The message was followed by a long applause and nice comments of appreciation.

Circumvesuviana is the train company of my childhood. Their train are always full of tourists, commuters and students. Despite they connect some of the most beautiful places in the world, they don't always excel in customer services, security, nor regularity.

But the beautiful story of Mr Venditti tells me something. It tells me how people can fill company gaps, making the difference in creating empathy, emotions and connections with customers.

It also tells me how people/employees can turn little things in something big, if you unlock their super-power to create a super human experience.

Link of the announcement here



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