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Unlocking the Secrets of Subscription Success: How Trial Durations Impact Conversion Rates

Did you know that the average site-level conversion rate for subscriptions is 38.1%? The Digital Media and Entertainment sector shines with a remarkable 43.3% conversion rate, while Consumer Goods & Retail trails at 34.3%.

When it comes to free trial durations, less is more!

Trials less than or equal to 7 days boast the highest conversion rates at 42.8%. Surprisingly, trials longer than 61 days show the lowest conversion rates at 33.3%. According to Recurly Study

• Trials less than or equal to 7 days: 42.8% conversion rate

• Trials 8 to 14 days: 41.0% conversion rate

• Trials 15 to 21 days: 39.6% conversion rate

• Trials 22 to 31 days: 41.3% conversion rate

• Trials 32 to 60 days: 38.0% conversion rate

• Trials 61 or more days: 33.3% conversion rate

Understanding these trends can help businesses optimize their subscription models for maximum success. Let's harness the power of subscriptions to drive growth in today's competitive market!



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