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Sales Strategy of the Future 

DELOITTE: Neuroscience can explain customers’ unconscious buying behavior and identify the ideal price promotion and in-store marketing strategy

Digital Experience Benchmark Report

CONTENTSQUARE: The 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark report shares the most important digital KPIs driving growth and their impact on the digital experience and customer happiness.

The Science Behind Strong Customer Relationships 

FRONT: Everyone knows the two most important things in business are time and money. FRONT research proves that everyone is wrong

Experience is everything

PWC: What truly makes for a good experience? Speed. Convenience. Consistency. Friendliness. And one big connector: human touch

Marketing and Neuroscience: What Drives Customer Decisions?

American Marketing Association’s:  Access to leading experts in the neuroscience field who are using neuroscience to supplement and enhance their research and marketing initiatives. Access to  how neuroscience is being utilized by leading companies to uncover the hidden drivers within a customer’s decision making process. Access to  neuroscience-based techniques and practical applications for this cutting edge technology that can help marketers to gain bottom-line results

Building Business Value with Employee Experience

MIT Research:  MIT scientists discovered that businesses in the highest quartile of Employee Experience (EX) produced more prosperous innovations, generating twice the revenue from their inventions compared to those in the lowest quartile. Additionally, their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) adjusted for their industry were twice as high

Searchandising: 9 best practices for better conversion rates and customer experience

Algolia:  Search plays a crucial role in driving sales and boosting revenue for online businesses. Searchandising is a method that involves curating search results to showcase products in alignment with business objectives while monitoring user interactions with the online store's offerings. 

Customer Data: The Key to Unlocking Exceptional CX

HBR/SAP:  Customer data plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX), which is vital for customer retention and acquisition. According to Ari Lightman, a professor of digital media and marketing at Carnegie Mellon University, there is a significant change in how customers want to interact with brands and companies. The focus is now on customer experience, satisfaction, and value due to the consumerization trend.

Digital disruption and new generational influences show that the nature of loyalty is changing

KPMG:  KPMG’s survey of 18,520 consumers from more than 20 countries explores the truth about customer loyalty and how brands and retailers can attract and retain customer loyalty through enhancing customer loyalty programs. 

The value of experience: How the C-suite values customer experience in the digital age

GENESYS/ECONOMIST:  The research focused on four key questions:  1.What importance is attached to CX within companies?  2.Who leads CX initiatives? 3.How is the success of CX measured? 4.Which CX channels are most favoured by customers today and in the future?

Seamless Omnichannel Experience: The Key to Grocer Loyalty in the Digital Age

INCISIV/LOYAL GURU:  74% of grocers believe digital shopping has made customers less loyal. The report emphasizes the importance of providing a seamless omnichannel experience for shoppers to foster loyalty

The state of Customer Engagement

TWILIO:  83% of consumers plan to purchase the same or more goods and services in 2023. Companies can earn their business by listening to their preferences. Consumers value seamless customer experiences, personalized offers and recommendations, and trust in brands to give them control of their data. Brands must invest in building rich customer profiles, collecting zero-party and first-party data, and protecting data from bad actors. By paying attention to these trends, business leaders can provide experiences that boost growth and future-proof their enterprises.

The 2023 State of Subscriptions

RECURLY:   the current state of subscriptions is told with real data from real subscription businesses facing real challenges– data from over 2,200 leading brands and over 55 million active monthly subscribers using Recurly. In the study  we thoroughly examine the state of acquisition, payments, subscriber growth, and churn in the subscription industry. The insights from each chapter point to the most prominent subscription trends from 2022, their impact on the industry, and how subscription businesses can use this information to flourish in 2023.

What subscribers want: Insights to future-proof your business

RECURLY:   During the pandemic, subscribers remained loyal to streaming and retail subscriptions, but are now eager to participate in in-person events and travel. Consumers are cautious of inflationary pressures, which may require businesses to modify their offerings to avoid consumer indecision. Despite these shifts, subscription loyalty remains a top priority for consumers. They feel more loyal and are willing to spend more money with brands they subscribe to, and exclusive content is a key factor in retaining their loyalty.

Delivering personalized experiences in times of change 

MICROSOFT:   It all starts with data and business applications that leverage that data to drive improved customer relationships, create a clearer customer journey, and improve their understanding of what motivates their customers. 

Retail Revolution: Striking the Balance Between Invisibility, Intimacy, and Indispensability

EY:   This study examines the necessary evolution of retail and the implications for emerging value propositions that must stay pertinent in the future. Achieving the correct equilibrium of invisibility, intimacy, and indispensability is vital. Failure to do so will lead to insignificance, making it crucial for retailers to execute this balance accurately

State of the Customer Experience

CSGI:  Discover the essentials required to get ahead of the curve in 2023—and how to best serve your customers today, tomorrow and 10 years from now.

Revolutionize Your B2B Business with Gallup's Guide to Customer Centricity

GALLUP:  Gallup's guide offers a sustainable business growth framework based on extensive research. The research includes in-depth interviews with hundreds of thousands of customers and analysis of engagement from almost 18 million customers. With this data, leaders can gain insights and practical recommendations to create a customer-centric organization by listening and acting on the voice of the customer.

 European B2B Customer Service 2023

SUPEROFFICE / CUSTOMERTRENDS :  The study illuminates key aspects of customer service in European B2B companies. The focus is shifting towards creating long-lasting relationships and increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), rather than just resolving individual issues.

The Customer Loyalty Guide 2023

WUNDERMAN - THOMPSON :  A step-by-step guide to achieving greater customer loyalty with initiatives that satisfy your customers
and align to your brand goals

 New Research Unveils Promising Sales Growth Potential in Contact Centers 

CRESTA :  The research demonstrates that there is a clear gap between the actions that organizations recognize they need to take and actually taking tangible steps toward achieving more efficient and effective operations.

Understanding Gen Z: Consumer Insights On This Generation's Unique Sentiment And Behavior

MEDALLIA :  Insights into the shopping habits and preferences of the increasingly influential Generation Z. Topics include:

  • Comparing Gen Z's shopping venue preferences with other generations

  • Identification of products where Gen Z prefers to splurge versus sticking to basics

  • The unmet needs and demands of Gen Z in retail and restaurant industries.


Empowering Brands with Unmatched Insights

AKENEO:  the Product Experience company, today released its 2023 B2C Survey: Product Experience Satisfaction Around the World, an annual mission to understand how consumers make decisions when buying products, how product experiences impact those decisions and what product information is important to them


Ecommerce Shopper's Dilemma: The Trade-Off Between Personalization and Privacy in Unsteady Economy

COVEO:  Coveo survey shows that 93% of 4,000 consumers expect the online shopping experience to be better than in-store yet 91% encounter a range of problems that may impact trust and brand loyalty


Demystifying the hype of subscription

DELOITTE:  In this report we demystify the key myths around subscription to better understand how and why this model can be applied to your business


Redefining Retail: The Digital Revolution of Shopping and the New Age of Customer Loyalty

SALESFORCE:  Salesforce conducted a survey involving 2,400 consumers and 1,125 retail executives to gain insights into the shopping trends that are transforming the sector. Key findings of the report include: the impact of digital tools and experiences on traditional in-store shopping, strategies retailers are adopting to leverage data for enhancing shopper engagement, and the underrated yet crucial role of customer service in fostering loyalty. In an increasingly competitive landscape, where customer acquisition costs are escalating, retailers are identifying ways to keep customers coming back through a mix of customer service, online shopping, and tailored experiences.


Gallup B2B
The Customer Loyalty Guide 2023
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